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What To Do When Bored?

10 AM on holidays, and there’s nothing to do? How boring! You wanted to do something, but you don’t know what to do? Here’s some tips for Time Assassination:

  1. Grab a book, newspaper, magazine, or anything that has something to read. Take a glance and write the first word you see. Collect the word and make it into sentences, paragraph, or even best-selling novel!
  2. Take a piece of paper. Scribble endlessly. Create something poetic, aesthetic, romantic, or maybe something chaotic from it.
  3. Open WikiHow. Appreciate the illustration. (Thanks to Pewds, Jack, and PJ!)
  4. Why don’t you pick your textbook and start studying?
  5. Contact your old friend! It could be your old-and-almost-lost internet friend, kindergarten friend, or maybe find someone new!
  6. Learn new languages! It’s always fun to speak new foreign languages.
  7. Make your own sticker! Stick it somewhere that looks plain to you, and need some additional colours!
  8. Take a nap. You can’t do this anymore on weekdays. Don’t waste your chance!
  9. Play musical instruments. Let your neighbours know what you’re playing.
  10. Travel through Google Earth. Have you ever imagined going to your dream country? Now there’s something you can use as simulation.
  11. Write a journal entry. It’s always fun to see your old artworks in the future. Make as many as possible so you won’t regret on how monotone your life was back then.
  12. Discover new music genres! If you always listen to Pop music, then try to listen to Rock or Classic. No one knows if you’ll love it later. If you don’t know any good songs, ask a friend for a recommendation.
  13. Instead of watching people’s videos on YouTube, why don’t you try to make one?
  14. Try new things that you’ve never try before. Have you ever try writing your homework with your opposite hand?
  15. Explore new places. Document it. Write your feelings. Write everything instead of remembering it.
  16. Submit your writing to your blog! If you don’t have one, create one! It’s always fun to share your experiences to others.
  17. Make an appointment with your friends. ‘Lets shop together!’ or ‘Come join me on travelling our city’s ancient places!’
  18. Browse online shops. You don’t really have to buy one, just surf in and put what you want in the cart!
  19. Join classes! You received a coding class brochure at the market, instead of throwing it away, join it! 
  20. Clean and rearrange your desk. Or maybe your room.
  21. Read the newspaper.
  22. Decorate your binder. You know something plain might be boring.
  23. End the world hunger  Buy some big meal, give them to poor people. They’ll love it.
  24. Stalk your crush. Or your ex. You might find something funny, or even cringy.
  25. Create your own lockscreen. Gather some pictures, edit them, and Ta-dah!
  26. Play games! Open your nintendo or download some fun games on your laptop.
  27. Do your chores! Make your house clean again.
  28. Surf in to Pinterest, We Heart It, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Find some inspiration.
  29. Make new recipe. Invite your friend to do them.
  30. Do challenges! There are tons of ideas in the internet. Find one. Invite your siblings, friends, cousin, family, or even teacher! More people, more fun!

Now thats a bunch of ideas for what to do when bored. How about you guys? What do you do when boredom strikes?

Hope you get inspired! 

(Will be updated soon)